11 Habits are Different in Rich Minded People and Poor Minded People

1.)Thinking: Rich Minded people are thinking is very high. Corley said, “Thinking is key to their success,”. In the mornings time, rich-minded people tend to think in isolation,  and for at least 15 minutes every day. Every time they are thinking about his growth.  All-time they are thinking about a new income source. When they are going to outside for entrainment or go to a new place, all-time they are finding a new business idea, by this they earn new income source.

Poor Minded people are thought is very low. They have not special thinking. They are thinking his life is fun. This mind people are dependent on the job.   They are also thought for jobs and busy at 9 am-5 pm. Then they think will be moves, game, Political, etc. when new English movies will be released, which stadium will be playing football in Liverpool or Manchester club.

2.)Future  Planning:   All-time rich Minded people are running any work with Planning ware.  Such as if we see rich Minded people family. They are all-time care his wife and his child and arrange food, Education, health, until still Present to Future by Planning ware. All-time rich mined people want to give their family world-class level living standard. For this, they need enough money. They do hard work by the business. On the other hand, Poor mined people are not Future planning.

3.)Self confidences: Rich mined people are all-time self-confident. They are not dependent on anybody for anything. These people are like to run alone. When running time many many Problems are coming but rich-minded people are crossing all problems by the cold brain. They are not afraid of any kind of work.   Any work rich-minded people are doing firstly reached. Then they make a plan and time duration.  Rich-minded people are trying for their own dream implement. At last, these minded people are doing this work nonstop.  For that rich-minded people are self-confident. Other Side Poor mined people are not self-confident. They believe that they will not rich in life. They are born poor and will die in a poor position. All-time this kind of people are depended on another person or any organization. They are not thinking big. Everything is limited.  These minded people alive by the jobs.  All-time Poor minded people are doing jobs for rich-minded people dream implement. These people are weak-minded.

4.)Risk Quality: Rich mined people  think,  “I do not want to be poor, I will be rich, so I reject to be poor.” There are more self-made millionaires and billionaires in the United  States who are suffered from poor at starting time of his life. But they change his life by hard work. Rich-minded people know that awareness is possible for the first step to obtaining wealth. First  They make his mindset.  After planning then they do implement his work and get success. For this, they take a risk. All-time rich-minded people are positive-minded. They are hopeful. Rich-minded people are doing business and investing in more sectors with risk. For this, they earn a lot of money, then invest more area. Rich-minded people made more assets for taking risks.  Rich-minded people are risk quality. Everything they take the risk. Rich-minded people like to take risks. It is enjoyable for this minded people. All-time the minded people are fighting the problem.

 Another side to say Poor minded people think “ I  had born in a poor home and  I will be always   poor.” Poor-minded people are not taking risks. All-time they are living with afraid, They have no confidence. All-time these people are negative-minded. Poor-minded people are not taking risk anything. All-time they think profit or loss. For loss, they are taken no risk. If it is profit, so will change their life but these minded people are not thinking. All-time the minded people are avoiding the problem.

5.) Education: Warren Buffett reads books or magazines 5 hours every day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Many other millionaires are said at least one hour every day spent on education. United state billionaires coming from all educational backgrounds, More than one-fourth of the college grads.  Rich-minded people are most educated but they have practical knowledge for making money.

Corley wrote that 88% of rich people, every day thirty minutes are reading for self-education or self-improvement.  Every rich-minded people not like any entertainment books. Corley sees that three types of books read by rich-minded people biographies of successful people, self-help or personal development books, and history books. But most of the poor-minded people are uneducated or semi-educated, a  small quantity is educated.

Poor people stop learning when they’re complete to school education. 24% of adult Americans have said they haven’t read a book including eBooks and audiobooks in the past year.

But they are interested in entertainment books. They have no interest in self-education or self-improvement. poor minded people do think It is time lost. Poor-minded people are not interested in their own development. So this minded is not more knowledge in business and investment. For this minded people can not increase of their income. At last Poor people are take poor.

6.)Honesty: Most of the rich mined people are dishonest.  These mined people are selfish and all-time these minded people are thinking for own development. These minded people are not paying taxes properly. All-time most of the rich-minded people pay a little bit of tax in total tax. Save from money spent for own family entertainment and invest various sector. Other sides  Poor mined people are honest. All-time they  Pay the full tax.  These mined people are saying all-time for beside area problem.

7.)Focus: Rich-minded people are the focus on opportunities and see  Potential growth, This minded people are know how to make money in a short time or how to make money in low investment and get more profit, or how to make money in a different sector. Rich-minded people do focus on a new banded car, a new beautiful home, a new traveling area with the family, the beautiful lifestyle of their family, a good education of their children. Another side Poor minded people are the focus on risks. All time these minded people are thinking of any work profit or loss. These minded people are not want anything for own life. Most of the poor-minded people are like in poor lifestyle. They have not to dream and not focus on anything. These minded people only focus eat meals for life.

Rich People And Poor People

8.) Saving and investment: Rich-minded people are all-time doing business and earn a lot of money and invest more sector These minded people are investing in a bond, Share market, gold, mutual fund real state, more sector. By investment, these minded people earn a lot of money. Rich-minded people are doing their money work for them. Rich-minded people do not believe in saving. They are know saving money means valueless money. Because for inflation money value down day by day. On the other hand, poor-minded people are all-time believed in saving. For saving policy poor minded people are going poor to very poor.  This kind of people does work for money.

Such as you have $100000 in  a savings account in American any bank  and APY 1%. Then you get $1000/year in interest.

 If annual inflation is 2%, that 1% difference is equivalent to losing $1000 every year in a bank account. This amount you  have 20 years  in bank, you lost 20x $1000 = 20000$.But  rich mined people $ 100000 invest any business sector and if 10% profit, he get $10000.In this system  compounding  invest of  rich minded people in 5 years.

1St years = $100000x 10% =$10000, total  = $110000

2nd years = $110000x 10% =$11000, total  = $111100

3rd years = $111100x 10% =$11110, total  = $122210

4th years = $122210 x 10% =$12221, total  = $134431

5th years = $134431x 10% =$13443 , total  = $147874

After 5 years rich minded people $ 100000 convert  to $147874, net profit is $47874.

9.) Various Income source :

“Comfort is your biggest trap and  biggest enemy”  for any people need to coming out of comfort zone.

Rich-minded people are making more Various Income sources for their economic position strong.  They  earn on money  7 type different  ways, Such  as

  1. Earned Income –  This income is the primary source of income. Anybody do jobs.  By that earned income is called earned income.
  2. Business Income  –You have any business and sell and service get any income in the business. It cell Business income.
  3. Interest Income –  This income is when you saving any amount in the bank.  After 1  years bank give an amount for saving amount purpose. It is interest  Income. Other ways man give lending money to another person for extra money purpose. It is interest income.
  4. Dividend Income – Owning shares of a company from distributed profit amount, it says dividend income.
  5. Rental Income – If you have a house, flat, car, shop, Taxi, etc. When you give of these things, for rent on a daily or monthly basis, you get an amount, It is rental income.
  6.  Capital Gains – This is money earned when you sell a Stock, real state, land,
  7. Royalties / Licensing –  you make an idea, product, process, song, book, Nobel, etc and anybody can use it. Then they pay a small amount fee every time.

10.) Help:” Corley wrote. “No one realizes success without a team of other success-minded people. Firstly  good side is to make your team and offer help to other success-minded people first.” Without help, nobody can succeed.

11.) They never give up: Rich-minded people are not quite on their dream. These minded people are do trying at the last moment. They are not confident in luck. Only with hard work and determination, they get success.  Poor-minded people are easily quit on their dream. Poor people gamble, buy lottery tickets and, waste time while they are there. At last, come back to work .