Daydreamer vs Dreamer

Introduction: Present world has two-minded types of people.  One has a daydreamer and another’s is a dreamer.  Daydreamer is weak-minded people and they can not want any risk. This kind of people are not create anything in the world but they see dreams but not perform anything. On the other hand dreamer, people are different than other people. They see Dream and for implement do hard work. Firstly they are ready for his mind. This kind of people is not stopping until when they are not successful. This kind of people changes his life with full society.


Daydreamer: Daydreamer means which people those are looking dream in all day time. Looking dream is work for this people. This kind of people are not working properly but see the dream. But this kind of person is not trying to succeed in this dream. This kind of people are looking dream for a nice house,  a branded costly car, traveling with girlfriends, dinner in friends of any famous restaurant,  famous singer, good musician, World famous football Payer,  Top basketball player  Michael Jordan, top Hollywood actors Johnny Depp, us best businessman  Elon Musk, us Best investor Warren Buffett, etc.  If you think that this person had to do hard work in their own field. Firstly in this peoples look dream then make one plan in 24 hours, 7days,30 days,  365 days.  Then Implement it. At last, they get success.    But daydreamer people do not want hard work as like as in these famous people.  This kind of people is lazy quality. This people mind is same as  Poor minded people. They are not positive-minded. Most of the people this are doing the job.  In these people, it is only an income source. They like  9 a.m. to  5 p.m. duty hours.  After the job, they are gossip with friends.  All-time they are discussing another issue. These kinds of people are not interested in their own development. They do not participate in any training and do not read any books. This is a kind of people who are afraid when any work doing. But This kind of people is not joy with brave for complete work. Daydreamer people are thinking is small. Most of these kinds of people are doing jobs and they earn a fixed amount. With this amount of money, his family is dependent.   They are income is limited and expansion is limited. This kind of people is like saving and not like an investment. For this limited income, this kind of people does handwork.  This kind of people believes time is money. They are not believed in smart work.  They are all-time thinking profit or loss for any work. At last, they do not implement their dreamer for afraid of loss.


 Dreamer: Dreamer people change the full world. In the united states, the total population of 1% enjoys a total income of 24% shareholders. These kinds of people are dreamers and realistic. They see dreams until they will be implementing them.  Firstly they see a big dream. This kind of people knows if he sees the dream of 1000$, then he gets 500$. When this kind of people are seeing the dream, then firstly he ready a  finical budget and what equipment need this project. These kinds of people are going to market and identify equipment rates. Then this mind of people made an expert team and time duration for complete work.  Then they are complete the work with hard work. All-time this kind of people are reading books, magazines, newspapers, noble to earning more knowledge.  To earn knowledge, they go to travel in a foreign country.  With this knowledge implement the work.  All-time they are long-term thinking. They are doing work with passion. Dreamer people are taking a risk. They are doing work with profit or loss.  Dreamer people are not focusing on saving only focus on investment. The people all-time dream how to make money by investment. All-time this kind of people are dream how to invest more and more sector. By investment dreamer, people earn a  lot of money and again investment. Dreamer people do hard work and for tomorrow did not keep any work. This kind of people’s mind is very strong and not come back when show problem.

Solution: Dreamer people change the society, community, country and it is possible because dreamer people see the dream. All-time dreamer people think is big when this kind of people want a make anything, in this time this area need many people, many types of equipment, many money, many time For this economics made the demand and for fill up the demand and many people get jobs. When peoples to hand come money and people spend this money for owners and their family. As result, people increase purchase power and economics will be strong. For increase purchase, power peoples purchase many things from the market and create demand and for purchase, these many industries are created. Many service jobs are creative by made new industries.  Dreamer people all time Entrepreneurship minded.  They are serious all works. Dreamer people first try to know the worth of their own. They are trying to end the work in just time. Not only Entrepreneurship every sector dreamer people get success by hard work with the planning. At last, we can say for dreamer people world is changeable and every people enjoy this. People all time remember dreamer people. On the other hand daydreamer, people are not create anything in the world. This kind of people is all-time see a big dream. Most of the dream is not implement possible. Because dream and implement are no connection. They have no planning, no budget, no time frame,  daydreamer people only see the dream.  This kind of people is not give anything to society or country. This kind of people is not interested in any work with deeply. Daydreamer people without seriously any work is not complete. This kind of people is not developing for own and society. This kind of people increases poverty in society. Laziness is the main aim of this character people. If this kind of people changes his mind as like a dreamer people. So our society or world will be change. Daydreamer people follow dreamer people. These kinds of people do hard work, mindset, reading the book for knowledge, long-distance think, time fame, implement a system, brave as like a dreamer people.  So that daydreamer people will be successful.  But few percentage daydreamer people are success as like dreamer and left people are a daydreamer.

Conclusion:   At Last we can see that dreamer people for dreamer change the world, country, and society. They have enough energy, a strong mind, and very brave power.  Past to Present time changes the world by dreamer people.   Other hand daydreamer people looking on sit of dreamer people’s progress.

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