How to Become You, Rich

Introduction : Every people  want  to be rich. Most of the people are world are poor. Other people are middle class. Some people are rich. But every class family want to rich. But this people are not know  to become rich. Here discuss the details to become rich. In world has three

Poor minded people : Poor minded people are lazy types. They do hard work in limited time.  This minded people are not thinking for future. all time Poor people are  like  jobs. They are not doing business. This kind of people are not take risk. Poor people are like in entertainment.  They believed 8 to 5 time jobs. They are not take any training. This kind of people are not believed Investment. They like saving. Poor peoples are see dreams , One day they will be rich, but they have not any plan. If poor minded people are do not work, so they are keep to  hungry.

Middle minded People : Middle class people are not rich not poor.  This kind of people do education for jobs. They do had work in jobs. This kind of people are  quality is poor minded people. But they do study and they do training. Everything is do for jobs. They   cannot take risk. But some middle class people are follow in rich minded people. One time this people will be rich.

Rich minded people :  Rich minded people are change the world. They see dream . For this dream for implement they do hard work. Every day this kind of people are read newspaper, magazines, books etc.  By this read they earn knowledge. By this  knowledge they earn a lot of money. This kind of people are  believed Investment. By investment they earn a lot of money. This money do reinvestment. Most of the rich people in world came from poor or middle class . This kind of people are doing business all time. For this kind this kind of people spend more market. They buy many things. Money flow come in market. Money come on people hand. Many people get jobs and many industries are create. Many items create demand.

Various ways you can become rich. Such as:

1.)Do business :  If you want to rich , you must do business. But do business needs  a lot  of money. you have not enough money. So  early time you can do jobs  or go to foreign country and save money for doing jobs. Firstly you can select any business idea,  fund collection, goods sourcing, timing etc. you take calculate risk. When you do business you can earn  a lot of moneys.

2.) Investment : You can become to rich when you selection the investment. Only investment can increasing of your money. You can earn money invest various sector, such as share market, mutual fund, bond, or various small business.  By this you can earn money. By this money you can reinvest.

3.) Value :  You will be valuable. When you will valuable, money come to you with automatically. Valuable means self-made people. Self–made people  such as doctors, engineers, filmmakers etc.  For valuables you can do hard work.

4.) Patience : You have Patience for any work. Until end the work you will must try. When you will do business, in this time many problem will come. You will be fight this problem with Patience.

5.) Tax : You can become to rich. This theory main aim is save money and this money you can investment various sectors.  When you give to tax , It is not  fully return.  your savings is a different way of looking to view them as taxes.

6.) Create a Plan :  You can make  a plan for become rich. You can follow rich minded peoples characters.  You can make a saving Plan, a investment plan, a working plan. Firstly  you can made a plan next 1 years how much many money you will be owners. Next 5 years plan, next 10 years plan.  How to come this money. Where will be investment. Others think you can make money Double plan. This is you have $50 and you will be make $100. This $100 will be make $200. One time it will be $100000. You can invest this amount when fill up $10000.

7.) Skill and educated : you can become rich you must will be skill and educated. Every rich minded people read book, new paper, magazine etc. By this reading they earn more knowledge. By use this knowledge they earn a lot of money. You can must take training.  By this training you can will be skill.

8.) Calculated risk : Rich minded people are take calculated risk in all time. You have $1000, you can take risk $500 or you can take risk $250 and $250. Many people take risk 100%, In this time he loss the business, so business is closed. Rich minded people are calculated risk. This minded people if do any loss and other business do profits.

9.) Real estate investment : You can will be easily rich when you will do real estate investment. Because  real estate demand day by day increases. If you buy any land in $10000. After few years it will be $20000 or $50000. Every rich people will be rich for  real estate investment. On the other hand you can rent land, flat, house etc. By this you can earn money per month.

10.) Cut your expenses :  If you cut from your daily and monthly expense and this money when you save long term. One time it will be big amount. People’s big problem path of getting rich  that every money is spent which earns. Firstly you can make sheet and writing every expenses. Then you cut your unnecessary expenses.  You can plan of your food chain. You can  living  cheap area. You can use normal clothes. You can avoid out side foods. You can use normal cars. It is yours  outside expenses controls. In house you can stop your light when you do  not use or you are not present in home. You can writing your weekly launch and dinner charts and cut of expenses this. 

Conclusion :  Peoples in world are not alert for their life. People use all money which they are earn. They are not saving any money. Peoples do jobs or business. Present time job market is not good. Every day peoples lost their jobs. Any jobs has not any secure. When people has not job, peoples  suffer big problem. On the others hand business need money, brave, brain, technique apply etc. Every people are not possible do  this. Other way for business people needs planning, future plan etc. So every people do jobs or business that priority for saving. When this saving money onetime they can investment. Every people need cut of expenses in house or outside house. This cut of expenses money they can saving.  They can invest in gold, share, bond, mutual fund etc. They can invest in real estate. They can earn money in online . Firstly they can running as like Miserly and follow simple life style. When they will be rich then they can spent more money. This peoples are enjoy better lifestyle. They can use high brand cars and living high class house. They can go to launch or dinner in 5 star hotel. They go to travel foreign countries. So every people need firstly saving money then this money do investment. When they will be rich they can enjoy every things.

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