Invest for yourself

Introduction: If you want to develop your life then firstly invest in your own. General people do hard work with blinds then, at last, they are a failure or not get to full success. Invest not only share, bond, money, land but, etc. also invest for yourself means own to develop, own progress, own success.

Invest for yourself: People all-time hard work and earn money for owners and their families. But time and earn all-time not running same ways. People earn money many times increases or decreases. On the other hand, for spent all money retirement time people has no money on their hand. So people need invest for own and could well be planning from early life. Most of the people in the world are not thinking for their own. If people do thinking with planning ways so they will be improving their life.

Rich-minded people: World has two-minded people such as Rich minded people and Poor minded people. Rich-minded people can change the world for their thinking. Rich mines people every work as planning. This kind of people every day read the book, newspaper, magazine. Every day this kind of people are spent half an hour to two hours reading. These kinds of people keep the new local, national, international.  Every day this kind of people go too early to bed and early to rise. Every day this kind of people do morning works. This kind of people is the focus for investment not saving. Rich-minded people are not dependent only on one income source. All-time this kind of people create one more income source. With this more investment, this kind of people earns a lot of money. This money does again reinvest for various sectors. Most of the rich-minded people are not do the jobs. If any people do the job after some they start a new business. This kind of people are all-time thinking and make to own by skill. This kind of people are thinking for future and all-time try to enjoy for a better lifestyle.

Poor-minded people: Poor-minded people are all-time dependent on jobs.  This kind of people is not thinking without jobs. These kinds of people are afraid, weak-minded, and not take risks. This kind of people can not advance in life by not take risks. This kind of people are not thinking for own and not take any tanning for their own development. Poor-minded people are time busy with other people and area problem. This kind of person is like saving. Poor minds people are not do any investment. This kind of people remembers invest means losing the money. These kinds of people are lazy types. This kind of people can not change ownership, country, or society.

Self Development: All-time success people try for self-development. For this reading ‘Self-help’ books, magazine, take tanning any Courses, create to help a rich life experience. you the opportunity to improve the personal growth following:

1)      Listening skills

2)      Being more organized 

3)      Your ability to set and achieve goals

4)      Confidence

5)      Being more focused, gaining more clarity

6)      Empathy towards others

7)      Your ability to cope with change

8)      Moving beyond self doubt

9)      Confronting and overcoming fears

Training, learning, and skills development: Enrolling in TAFE, university or training or other short courses to expand your skillset expertise and increase your knowledge base or to a more satisfying to develop a specialty can all contribute and rewarding career. Investing in training and skills may result in the following: 

  1. Increase confidence in the workplace 
  2.  Increase productivity 
  3. Increase earning potential
  4.  Encourage innovation
  5. Improved job satisfaction
  6. Broaden employment options and career prospects 

Health and well-being:  you have not enough money, You invest in the share market or you have enough investment properties without good health, everything is valueless. Your health is your most important asset. nutritious food, healthy, fitness, and stress reduction for invest all valuable ways after looking the essential assets that you mind and body with the following: 

  1. Improve sleep
  2. Improved mood
  3.  Reduced stress
  4. Improved relationships
  5. Reduced potential medical costs
  6.  Improved life expectancy
  7. Increase overall health
  8.  Increased energy and productivity

Invest for your Personal Life: Every general people do not do the monthly family budget. But Successful people do a monthly family budget and have financial discipline. These peoples are their earns money or salary divided three such as needs, wants, savings,

  1. 50%: Needs
  2. 30%: Wants
  3. 20%: Saving

Needs: Any people in the united states earn $5000 in a month. He spent 50% of money means $2500 Spent for own needs Such as Food, house rent, installment, Transportation, clothes, Electric, water, gas, mobile, internet etc.

Wants: People are spent 30% of money means $1500 for wants. Such as cars, expensive clothes, vacation,  consumer electronics, go to the gym, eating food outside, and getting tickets to the game.

Savings and Investments: People are spent 20% of money means $1000 for Savings and Investments Such as retirement, kid education, mutual fund, bond, share, F.D, etc.

Description:  If people 10% saving money invest in the long term in a mutual fund. It will become back big amount after 10 to 20 years. If when your salary increases then you can change the need, wants, saving ratio. When salary is increases in this time you can ratio 40% need, 20% wants 40% saving and investment.  When you get a salary firstly 40% money save on a saving and investment account. Buffett says, “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.” If you follow the rules continue then one time you will be a millionaire. On the other hand, 30% want means $1500 and 12months it will be 12 x $1500 = $18000. Yearly you will be spent this amount for your want. For own investment is a smart investment. Some peoples have own liquid money and have more time on their hand. This kind of peoples can take good training such as a computer, account, investment, saving, motivation, English, online work, etc, By this training Peoples earn knowledge and will be a skill. This knowledge when people implement then they will be successful. This knowledge investment is a big investment. This investment does not acquire anybody. This investment has profit, not a loss. This investment is different from financial investment.  For example, In 1972 Ugandans president  Idi Amin gave orders to 75,000 Ugandans of Asians (mainly Indians) to pack their bags and leave the country in 90 days. Some Ugandan Indians 27,000  moved to Britain, another 6,100 to Canada, 1,100 to the United States, others go to the Asian and other European countries. After 10 years these people were medium to the big business of this countries. These peoples when coming to this western country they carry knowledge.

Invest in Yourself 11 things is very important that you can do starting today.

11 ways to invest in yourself here. Many things don’t cost any money :

  1. By writing your dreams and implement this, Invest in your dreams.
  2. Follow the health rules and daily plan, Invest in your health.
  3. Take training course and workshop, Invest in your skills.
  4. Invest in your relationship when you spent a nice moment.
  5. Reading more books, magazines, newspapers, Invest in your knowledge.
  6. Invest in your creativity such as cooking, writing, painting, etc.
  7.  When you do likely work and get enjoy, invest in your happiness.
  8.  Invest in your personal growth.
  9. Invest your personal fiancé and investment.
  10. Invest your brain and mind.
  11. Invest in your goal until still fill up.

Conclusion:  Invest for yourself is very important for any person who wants to succeed. If people want to earn more money or want to a millionaire or get to the richest then it is compulsory to Invest for yourself.

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