Introduction: Modern life peoples do work for lives. Some Peoples do the job and others do business.  Generally, soft-minded peoples who are like tension-free life, this kind of people are choice job. Other side dreamer people who take is a risk this kind of people are choosing a business.

Job:  Peoples sell labor and earn money for a living, it says jobs. Generally, people from employers exchange labors on salary and fixed time do the work. Most of the poor-minded people are doing jobs.  This kind of peoples is not taking risks. Poor-minded peoples are afraid-minded and they are all-time thinking for the future. They have not business-minded and not thinking big. All-time this kind of peoples enjoy full life depend on the job. Various types of jobs such as smart job, daily job, monthly job.

Smart job: Smart jobs means peoples do work by the brain. These jobs less work but the result is enough. Generally, high leave jobs in the world are smart jobs. This kind of job by few activities to create the best possible works. Modern world most of the peoples are like smart jobs. Some smart job holders earn enough money than businessmen.


Daily job: Many peoples are doing daily jobs. It is a daily basis payment. Generally, construction workers,  Factory labor, loading and unloading labor, Farmer, etc are doing these jobs. If any reason any people are absent, they get not payment this day.

Monthly Jobs: Generally all jobs are monthly basis jobs. Peoples are doing work on fixed time in exchange for labor for salary. End of the month they get a salary. This kind of job is easy for the employer because  It is no need for current money after one-month pay money to the jobholder.


Business:  Business means any goods with the rate when any person buys after this item sell to more rate then this person get to sell and buy different extra money, it says profit. Easy words business means peoples get money more rate sell than buy. Definition of business is any enterprise or organization is an entity in commercial, industrial operation. Generally, rich-minded peoples do business. It is creativity, high risk, hard work, discipline, good return. Rich-minded peoples are changing the full world for their thinking. For this they do business. The business has the freedom and every business peoples their thinking by implement and does change the world, country, town, village, society, etc. By business, peoples earn more money for own. Every business peoples searching for a new investment sector to investment. For new investors, they earn a lot of money. This kind of people makes industries earn money. As result Many unemployed peoples get jobs. Money comes into people’s hands. People’s purchases power is increased. The crime rate is down in society. For high purchase power, peoples are spent more money and economies are heavy running. As a result, demand creates many goods.  For this demand for goods to fill up many industries are growing. As a result, many jobs are created. In this way Economics scale is round. On the other hand, business peoples enjoy in world’s best lifestyle.  This kind of people is traveling various place of worlds for enjoying or business purpose. Business people are all-time happy with their child and wife. Various types have business structures. Such as sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, etc.

Job and Business different: Poor-minded peoples are like jobs and riches minded peoples are like a business. Any people under do work this kind of people are like jobs. But business people do work with freedom and they are not like any boundary. Jobholder think is limited but businessman think is big. Jobholder thinking time is money and businessman think the result is money. Job holder like is entrainment but businessman like is own development.  Job holder implement of employer dream but businessman implement of own dream. Job holders are not taking risks but businessmen take risks. Jobholders are depended on one income source and businessmen depended on more income sources. Jobholders have notability to change anything but businessman are change in the world, city, country, society.  Most of the jobholders are poor but they are honest, they pay tax regularly but most of the businessmen are rich, they are not honest, they are not paying tax regularly. Many times many rich people are not paying any tax.

Advantage of  own business:

  1. Freedom of work:  your business means you are the boss of your business. Peoples can any decision of their business. They choose their working hours and they give the time to their family. Business peoples can work for their own business development with freedom.
  2. Rewarding: Incorporate sectors Peoples are not getting any rewarding.  The benefits of their hard work enjoy every one. Hard works are not feeling rewarding in corporate sectors for a fixed salary.
  3. Secured: Own business is fully secured. Many family businesses are running from generation to generation. Childs of this business family is not waste their time forget jobs.  They go directly to the business. Firstly they are learned then they will do.
  4.  Satisfied: Business peoples are satisfied with their own work. Because they love the freedom of work. For own satisfied business, peoples increasing more business.
  5. No payment problem:  Business is running then this give to profit.

Business people  for increase their profit  to develop own business  or to start more new business. More business more profit and no tension

For payment.

  • Remember: Most of the big business groups on peoples are remember because This group is arranged many charity works. They help the free school, college, hospital, poor people’s help, etc.

Disadvantage of own business :

 The few disadvantage of  own business

1.Risk: Business are all time risk. Starting any business shows several challenges. Every businessman  invest money on their business. If  they  not success so  fully money is lost.

2. Investment: Every business starting time needs more capital. Firstly any businessman will be planning for business operation. Starting time not hope any profit. Any business two or three times need investment. For this need capital so that all-time supporting is not possible of all business persons.

3.Not receive extra money:  Businessperson does not get currently result or profit. Firstly show various challenges. If business loss continues running. So  It will be bankruptcy. Again if a business person enjoys a loan then he fell big problem.

4. Overtime work:  Businessman gets freedom for own business. They do overtime work without payment. So a business person does overtime work to operate their business.

5. Costing:  Every business has fixed costing and but if a business, not grow perfectly then it will be a problem to pay staff salary, house rent others expend.

Advantages of Jobs :

  1. Just time salary: Next month’s first week every Jobholder gets a salary previous month.  Every people on depending on salary make a budget for spending. This pay weekly, monthly for depending on country and area basis.
  2.  Other Benefit: Every job holder gets a bonus, increment, medical, insurance facility.
  3.  Learning of knowledge: By Job, peoples can learn more things. How to operate the industries or company or organization. By this, they earn more knowledge. Peoples of jobs holder many time they create a company.
  4.  Discipline: By job, Peoples learn discipline. They go to the office in the morning time and come back home in the evening time.
  5. Share of Knowledge: Many time jobholders do work jointly. For this people’s earn knowledge each of other. For this make a good friendship.

Disadvantages of  jobs

  1. Not secure:  Every job is insecure. If any economic crisis or Economic position is bad, so many peoples are lost their jobs. In this time their family fell to big problems.
  2.  One income source: Most of the jobholders are depend on one income source. They are not thought to another income source. When they lost of jobs this time their family suffers a hard time.
  3. Jobholders are blind: Most of the jobholders are blind to outside situations in the country, town, village, market, etc. These peoples are thinking is limited. Peoples are jobs holder go to the office and come back home these rules are followed. For this, they are not ready for any unexpected situation.
  4.  Lifestyle: Most of the jobholders enjoy the same lifestyle in full life. For inflation, many times lifestyle goes down.
  5.  Not take risk : Mind of Jobholder is very weak. They do not take any risk. For this, they cannot change their life.

Conclusion:  Job and business are one support for another. Job peoples earn money and saving in bank and businessman use this amount from the bank and do their business high growth. Job creation from on business. Jobholders do jobs in enterprises. As a result, a businessman running their business. If jobholders do not job, so all business will be closed. On the other hand, businessmen do not do business so jobholders will not get any Jobs.

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