Knowledge is very important for any person will be rich.  Knowledge means Economics Knowledge, Self-independent, Money Planning, Time Management, Future planning, Own Investment, Investment sector, Saving, Tension-free life, etc. Without proper Knowledge, man cannot be rich. This results from man are poor generation to generation. When Knowledge will add hard work, then men will be rich. Motivation is very important for good Knowledge, for this man increases earn more knowledge. Man gets motivation from his family, goods friends, Expert teachers, or outside Environment. When a poor man does work hard and he sees he can’t earn enough money for him and his family good living, He cannot enjoy a good lifestyle. At this time he inquiry into this problem, But for economics Knowledge, he doesn’t understand. If Poor People will be educated then he easily earns Economics knowledge and develops his life. On the other hand, many illiterate people are rich, they are no Institute education, no theoretical knowledge but they have Practical knowledge.

Rich People

By this Practical knowledge, a rich man earns more money and changes his life. Man earns knowledge, implement it do hard work with the patient and target his destination, Expense his time, Mind do strong, fully planning the ware project. Then Man archive this and will be rich. Rich man, middle-class man Poor man is different.

Here Rich, middle class and poor people mean his mind, his thinking; it is not means educated or illiterate.

Poor man do hard works and always he does jobs, He cannot thinking freely, all-time he works under of other people. Poor people, not enough practical and theoretical knowledge. He cannot any risk. They have not braved. He is not serious about his own life, all time he busy with personal problems, National & International Problems. He is not thinking about his own skill development. Poor people are not thinking own family’s future. Many poor people are educated, but they have not basic knowledge. End of the day Poor people do hard work but earns some money, It is not enough to maintain his life and their family. He is not expensed in Health, Education, Entertainment, good food for enough money.


Otherwise, middle-class people means, this person are do work hard but earn money only for him or his family need. These people are doing only jobs, They do not take any risk. These people are thinking with only limited. Most of the kind of people a lot of money expense in Health, Education, Entertainment, good food for enough money. A little bit of money is saving. All-time this kind of people are thinking for this family good Future by doing the job. These people are not going business or not go any investment sector. This person’s mind is broken when he lost her jobs. This kind of people has educated and proper knowledge, but he is not implementing this knowledge. Only he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of any work, and all-time he calculates profit. But this kind of people is afraid. At last, he avoids this work and does jobs. These people are middle mined people On the other hand, rich people are good knowledge for good earn money, Most of the rich people in the world are not educated any university degree, but they have the basic knowledge. These people are know-how make the money and know by money to make money. They are enjoying everything. A lot of money expense in Health, Education, Entertainment, Home, and anything. Rich people have Brave and they want everything to control his hand. All rich man is businessmen. They are earning a lot of money from business and invest in another sector. All-time rich people query new road of coming to money. These people do hard work, with planning. They do work just time. They are not lazy; they are not keeping uncompleted work for tomorrow.

All-time rich people take risks.  These people are making job field in any country. For this many Educated, Uneducated, semi-educated, Skill or non-skill workers get a job.  Middle-class people all-time target jobs. But rich people play the Money Game to Win. Rich people not thinking about money to saving. All-time he focuses on investment.  Rich people create his life but poor and middle-class people do not create his life. All-time in this two-class people help rich people for richest.

At last, most of the rich people are liars and cheat. They do not pay a proper tax. A little tax amount he pays. But poor people are honest. They pay actual tax. Otherwise, Middle-class people are not good or not bad. As a result in the world, most of the assets are control by rich people and a small amount is controlled by poor and middle-class people. If poor and middle-class people with brave take rich, invest in the business, thinking big, do hard work. One time they will be successful and rich.  For this, they need economical knowledge. They will be learning about entrepreneurship and the investment system. How to small money invest return big amount, then in this big amount 70% again invest another business. It is always a game. Poor and middle-class people will be learning this game and  Mind will be an all-time business mind. If any people read more books for business and investment than he earns more knowledge. He can start a Micro fiancé business, SME enterprise, Insurance, etc. you can be planning a retirement plan if you have knowledge. You start more investment plan, You can read more book, you can travel to business-related countries, you can go to market, etc. You can make money online or various source and this possible you have business related proper knowledge. You have Proper knowledge, you can start a business in a minimum amount, you can control the costing, You can make more profit by low investment. People can start more business, more investment or many things when they have knowledge. For Proper Knowledge Poor People can be rich anytime. People Can change their lifestyle, enjoy world-class facility and more.

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