Real Estate Investment

Introduction: Every rich-minded people are the richest for real estate investment. This investment is risk-free, with no maintenance fee, no labor salary but one time need a big amount of investment. After some time they sell this asset and get a big profit. Many time this real estate give rent and earn money per monthly basis. So rich-minded people are doing big amount investment for real estate sector. Such as residential land or house, commercial land, shop, market, agricultural land, industrial land, etc.

Description: Various investment sector has in the world. All-time people want risk-free, big profit. Many people long terms investment in the real estate sector. The real estate sector has one rule day by day, its prices will be increasing. People can buy residential land at a low rate. Generally, people buy residential land from outside of town. Because remote area when develop is start and many people are coming off this area for living. At this time this is residential area rates in demand and rate are high. Many people buy residential flats and houses for rent and earn a lot of money. By this system, people increase their income. It is one kind of passive income. Many people can buy commercial land or property. Many times people develop commercial property, such as a shop, market, office space, super shop community center, club, etc. These things give to rent earn a lot of money and as the result other side advantages for society. A farmer does produce many agricultural things by agricultural land. So agricultural land is important.

Real Estates

Investment : Various types of real estate investment. Every investment has a positive and negative side.

  1. Invest in Fundraise: People of America want to invest in the real estate sector. But they don’t want to repair, handling and managing payments, tenants’ dealings, etc.   For most American real estate investors, fundraising is a big choice. Fundraise is an online investment platform while managed by Fundraise professionals. It is one kind of money growth and real estate investment trust.  Fundraise investment state $500. Its start and profile creation are very easy. So people love Fundraise. In 2017, they had an annual return of 11.44%. We suggest their three investment styles:
  2. Supplemental Income
  3. Long-term Growth
  4. Balanced investment

We can invest a small amount in the Fundrise Starter Portfolio by $500 or the Fundraise income eREIT or the Fundraise growth eREIT by $ 1000 investment. This investment platform charge is low, It is 0.85% yearly. But recently it returns double digits.

In the United States, you can invest in real estate by $5000 in RealtyShares. You can invest in residential or commercial real estate. You can invest in real estate loans or equity in various projects. Peer Street is one kind of scheme where you can invest a small amount such as $1000 for a loan but you must approve this. You must invest in a silver loan term is 6 months to 2 years and interest rate in typical 6% to 12%.

Real Estates

2.)For income buy rental properties: It is the best way to long-term create assets. If you invest in rental properties, you can get monthly income. Two ways you can get long-term benefits. One asset’s value is a day-by-day increase and another is you get monthly income for long terms. If you buy a big asset with a 20% down payment and a mortgage loan 20-25 years terms. When you give the properties for rent then you get monthly income. For this income, you pay monthly mortgage installments. If extra money this is profit.

3.) Investment in online P2P platform: On real assets investing P2P investment, platforms are increasing. This is one kind of cow funding. That many real estate investors are collected amount make big fund. This fund various ways to invest online side. It is less hard than LPs of real estate if you invested in mutual fund ETFs. P2P platform is short terms and it invests in various ways in real estate. Here 3 ways for the best investment real estate online platform. A.) RealtyShares B.) Lending Club C.) PeerStreet

Realtyshares :  By Realtyshares people can invest in commercial or residential real estate projects. If you has $5000 you can invest this platform.  It invest various project in real estate and yearly fee 1%.

Lending Club: Lending Club is another source for P2P lending. Most people in American are not thinking about the lending of real estate. Between 5.06% to 8.74% annual returns of Lending club. It is very easy to open an account and investment.

Peer street : Peer street is real estate loan. You can open this account by $1000. It terms is  6 months to 2 years and yearly return 6% to 12%.

  1. Buy Own home:  People are generally for living buy home.  People can buy to home 5% down payment with 30 years or less mortgage. If any home rate is 400000$ and 5 % down payment is 20000$ and 3% interest rate 30 years. After 30 years it will be 800000$.
  2. Commercial Real Estate investing: People can invest in office, retail, storage, or warehouse property. You can buy commercial property and give the rent with pay mortgage and get hopefully profit. Many times you can give the lease of the real estate and earn a lot of money. It is a high-risk investment.
  3.  Fix-and-Flip: Fixing and Flipping is the best way for you in real estate investment. If you can buy an old home $100000 and it cost of repair $40000. Then it will be a new home and sell for $200000. Net profit is $60000. For this, you must know in the repair of a home internal thing. You must know for house price of your area.

8.) Space of your home for rent: your basement, garage, attic,  corner of the land, Outbuilding on your property, these things are you give rent and earn a lot of money.

9.) Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs): REITs are the same as stocks or mutual funds. It is traded by a brokerage account. You can invest in REITs. This fund invests in large apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial property, hotels, retail space, warehouses. REIT earning money no federal income tax. They distribute 90% of the profit to their shareholder.  The shareholders give income tax for this profit or dividends. It is a safe investment and good returns.

10.) Limited Partnerships(LP) of real estate:  These Investments are the same as a mutual fund. You can invest in this LP. Investor collection money both create funds. By good management use this fund and investment real estate various sectors. All the investors are limited partners. For actual investment profit and losses are limited. LP is a long-term investment and generally, it invests in big projects. It is best to invest in real estate.

11.) Real Estate ETFs and Mutual Funds: This investment is not direct ownership. You can invest in this fund. This fund is invested in the share of a real estate-related company. This fund is used in retirement plans and advantages highly liquid.

12. Real Estate Investing Through Notes and Tax-lien Certificates (ADVANCED): It is a risk to invest in real estate. You are not afraid and you can take risks then you can do this business.  It is highly profitable. If anybody has not paid the loan in six months. You buy this loan with less amount from face value. For example, you buy a $100000 note for $70000. Its profit is $30000. But if It worth is $100000 then you get a profit is $30000. If it worth is $50000 then the loss is $20000.

Conclusion: various types of real estate investment we are discussing. People can earn a lot of money to invest in these ways. Most of the rich men of the United States are the richest in real estate. So everybody needs to invest in real estate to go to the richest.

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