Introduction: Rich-minded people are the richest for investment.  They want low investment and more profit by brain work. For this investment, rich-minded people read more books, magazines, newspapers, etc. They take training for increasing own skill.

Best Short Term Investment: Investment has three types, Such as Long term, Medium-term, Short term, etc. All People Want low time get output. These are easy rules for will be rich. Your money as much as rolling you will be quick rich. For these people are the first choice is Short Terms Investment.

Best Short Term Investment is

1.) Money Market Accounts: Money Market Accounts is an interesting related account. It is different from another account. Most of the Money market account is High-interest rate. It is included a debit card and checkbook. You must search for the best money market account and compare it with the savings account. This account offers in credit unions and online bank account.  Money Market Accounts has advantages and disadvantages. This account advantage is checked writing, debit card, Insurance protection, and higher interest rate. Money Market Account is insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It is a Federal Government independent agency. FDIC insurance cover signal person $250000 and Jointly $500000. This account disadvantage is minimum balance requirements, fees, and limited transactions.

2.) Roth IRA : Roth IRA is one kind of investment. It is a tax-free retirement fund. You can withdraw the principal amount from this fund. You can this account any financial institution. Most of the people of this account open  by broker. Many investment options of this account, such as stocks, CDs, bonds, ETFs, and money market funds. How much you can invest annual for this account, It is limited. In 2020, its limited is $6000.

3.) Short-Term Corporate Bonds: you can Invest in Short term Corporate Bonds. You can invest in any company bond. Its returns are high, but it is a risky investment. You can reminder all-time risk investment is a high return. You can sell this bond because it is liquid. You can buy this bond through an online brokerage house. It is a minimum investment of $1000. It is a higher rate than an online saving account. This bond annual return is 2.5%-3.2%. You can start this investment in small amounts.

4.) Certificates of Deposit (CDs): Certificates of Deposit (CDS) is similar to the saving account But you cannot withdraw from these accounts for a fixed time. It gives goods returns, and you can open CDS account for 6 months to 5 years. You do not get any interest for a fixed time which you are selected. It is secure and safe. It is FDIC insured. You can start Minimum of $1000, and It is APY is 0.50%.

5.)  Peer-to-Peer Loans: Peer to Peer loan is the best short terms investing options. You can invest in various loan account and get monthly income. Its investment is popular to invest. This loan is usually 3 to 5 years. It is a high-risk investment. P2P loan changes from time to time. Its return is 5 % to 7%. You can start this invests in any account.


6.) Cash Back Reward Offers: It is short term save money plan. It is not Investment. When you sign up for a new credit card, and you can get many reward offers. Your search for this type of credit card offer where you can get $500. You can work first is sing up and spend minimum money for a fixed time. You can use these cards for groceries, utilities, or gas. You do not pay a yearly fee for 1st year. So it is no risk. You can save money for a few years and get money for referring friends. Cash is available online or offline.

7.)ETFs: ETFs are exchange-traded funds. By this exchange-traded bonds, stocks, foreign currencies, and commodities such as gold. It is more popular with new investors. You can be ETF in short term. It is traded on the public stock exchange. You can easily buy, sell or transfer. You can withdraw from these funds at any time. You can buy sell anytime and invest any amount. It is a risk but high return. But if you invest in a mutual fund, it is low risk. ETF is low costs and average annual return between 2% – 3%.

8.) Robo Advisors: It is an automated platform for investing money easily by Robo advisors for peoples. Robo advisors ask some questions, Such as age, financial aim, riskless, etc. You like and need this platform will be generated a portfolio automatically. It is easy and cheap for Robo advisors on investment. Its return is high. It is a good option for new investors

9.) High-Yield Savings Accounts: High-Yield saving account is more interest rate than a normal saving account. This account pay You 10x-15x on average. You can withdraw money from this fund. It is a short-term investment and no minimum deposit or monthly fees. A high-Yield saving account is a safe investment.

10.) Government Bonds (Municipal Bonds): Municipal Bond issued by a local government or their agencies. This bond money is used to finance various public projects such as schools, roads, schools, seaports, airports, and various flyover, infrastructure, and construction-related projects. This bond is generally used in the United States. In 2011 Municipal bonds market values at $3.7 trillion. This investment is risk-free and goods returns. Many people say this bond muni bond and this bond protection by the U.S. Constitution.

11.) Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities : Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIP) one kind of  government bonds. This bond is more secure than corporate bond. TIP bond is low return and less risky. Interest on TIPS is taxable. You can open online brokerage account and trading this.

 12.) Pay Off High-Interest Debts: You have enough money and invest in a short-term plan, you can choose the High-Interest debts. You have credit cards with $5000 in debt with 15% interest. When you will fill up this, you can get a 15% investment. It is a high return. This process is quick and saves your money.

Conclusion: In World present time every people want to earn money in a short time. For this people are selected short-term investment option. By these peoples get money in a short time. This money peoples can be used for own or family. Many times’ student fills up their tuition fees. Many people fill up their new house down payment, Many people buy a car, etc. everything depends on money. For this investment, money comes to market. Many items create demand. For this many industries are created and many peoples get jobs. Money come peoples on hands.  Economics is running. So Short term investment is very important in society and country. In 2018 Microsoft Corp. reported holding was $135 billion of short-term investments. Such as U.S. government and agency securities $108 billion, corporate notes/bonds worth $6.1 billion, foreign government bonds worth $4.7 billion, mortgage at $3.8 billion, municipal securities at $269 million, and certificates of deposit (CDs) were worth $2 billion. Apple Inc short-term investments $254 Billion In 2018. Such as corporate securities $138 billion, U.S. Treasury/agency securities $62.3 billion, commercial paper was $17.4 billion, mutual funds were $800 million, non-U.S. government securities of $8.2 billion, certificates/time deposits of $7.3 billion, mortgage securities were at $20 billion and municipal securities at $973 million.

Apple also had non-U.S. government securities of $8.2 billion and certificates/time deposits of $7.3 billion. Mortgage/asset-backed securities were at $20 billion and municipal securities at $973 million, rounded out its short-term investments.

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