Special-minded People can Rich but General minded People are all-time Poor.

Introduction: Today our topic is special minded People can rich but  General minded People are all time-poor. Here poor and rich people means not understand money, only understand the mind. These two kinds of people are two characters.  They were running style is different and their lifestyle, thinking, mindset, looking style is different. Another thing, many poor people have a rich mindset and many rich people have a poor mindset.

Poor-minded People: Poor people are not read books for their knowledge increases. All-time they are watch TV. They are busy watching movies, games, dance, etc. Present time get easy android mobile set many poor mined people are busy in-game, movies, and another thing, Poor mined people are not known, their life is one kind of movies. Because They are believed all thing coming from jobs, this kind of people is dependent on jobs, Without a job they are not thinking of any other income source. They don’t take any risk in life. All-time these quality people are dependent on other people and thinking is limited. They don’t think big, They have no confidence and all time they suffer in afraid for their own job. They don’t try another Income source for their own life and family development. They believed only in saving. They have not believed in any investment. This kind of people without a job are not thinking anything. These kinds of people are lazy types and all time they are looking to get anything from the government or any charity organizations.  These people are educated but have not proper knowledge.  On the other hand, this kind of people is not trying to earn enough knowledge.  This kind of people are not take any contribution to make a good society. They can not make any job for society, because they are dependent on jobs.  These people are not goods for society, family, countries.   They are not good assets for Countries. job depended on this kind of people lives in all-time risk. For this kind of work, they are  Inspire of their child.  They learn of their child in this system of life for the living. As a result, this kind of people is living the same condition from generation to generation.  This kind of people are not wanting to change their own life system.

Rich-minded People: Rich-minded people are like reading books. One of my biggest sayings is, “Learn like you’re going to live forever.”  This is true. Because rich minded people are reading more and more book. As result, they earn more knowledge. For this, they can change his life. All-time rich-minded people are busy reading in a business book, magazines,  daily newspaper, blogger articles, and business and investment news. Reading is a part of life for rich-minded people. They are reading nighttime when he comes back from the workplace or weekend day, holiday, or leisure time. Many times he read books when he gets a work gap.  For this they earn more knowledge, then they are justice this knowledge. What is positive or negative knowledge. They apply positive knowledge. This practice knowledge implements his life and gets success. Rich-mined people are more aggressive. All-time they are positive-minded.  They’re thinking about the future.  All-time he is running with planning ways. Rich mind people do not believe in savings. They believe only in Investment.  For the all-time rich mined people are quire new investment sector? All-time they make money by new investment sector.  They are looking low investment and high return in short time, They are not dependent one income source. Many times these minded people do jobs and business with both and onetime when they are self-dependent and solvent, in this time they not need any jobs. Rich-minded people are spent more time for own and his family. They use luxury life, use costly dress, branded cosmetic, new model luxury cars, and comfortable home.  It is not easy. For this, they do hard work with the planning. All-time they focus on brain work and low focus in hard work. Any work firstly  they do planning and make costing budget and time duration, then  requirement workforce and complete job on time. They believe result is money.

Why general People are all-time poor-minded: Poor-minded People are not serious about his life. They are not enough thinking for present and future time. All-time they are joking for his life.  At last, this mind people are the claim of their luck. They believe in lottery tickets and lottery ticket changes their life. They are buying more tickets, at last, they are a failure and their dream stays the same position. They are thinking of all-time shortcut ways for going to the upper position. But all time it is broken. World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland published a new report, the world’s 2153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the total population. So all general people for his minded, they are Poor. If they don’t change their mind this mind people all time will be poor.

Why Special minded People can rich :

 48% of the world’s wealth currently control by 1% of richest minded people in the world.  Approximately $1.9 trillion, wealth in the world control by the top 80 wealthiest people. So rich-minded people are special because they knew how to make money in a short time by business.  These mined people are all-time believed in the investment system. They invest in share market, mutual fund, bond, gold, real state, holding business or anything invest. For these rich mined people in one time, he will be rich. These minded people are doing hard work with planning ways. For this he read more books, he did not believe in all-time entertainment. But he enjoys entertainment after complete work when he gets a result from his work. The result means money. For example, Warren Buffett grew up in a middle-class family but very young age he learns business and investment in the world. Today he is worth $72.3 billion. This money nobody gave him. He earned it and he knew various income sources to money coming.   Rich mined people are clever. By business, Rich mined people are controlled in full world economy and politics. For this, they have hard work day by day. Nationwide Pew Research Center survey finds the rich are different than other people many Americans believe that. They see rich mined people are more intelligent and more hardworking. Rich-minded people are negative side is they are also greedier and less honest. In this survey respondents, people in America in six-in-ten people are rich-minded people are pay too little in taxes, and rich-minded people and poor-minded people big differences in their income.

Rich People

Famous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in 1926 rich minded people are “different from you and me . Today his  writing is true.

Most of the American People think rich-minded people are more intelligent than other American peoples. rich minded people are more Hardworking than other American peoples.  A majority of maturate people in American think rich-minded people are pay too little in federal taxes. Others way poor-minded people pay the proper amount in federal taxes.

At last rich minded people are creative minded, They are doing business and invest various sectors.  By that, they make more job fields. Many unemployed people get jobs.  On one side rich-minded people are earning a lot of money for owners and on another side, they make more jobs for society. Many rich-minded people do many donations for poor people and poor countries. These people are connected to many social organizations. On the other hand Poor minded is not possible the same thing. So this difference is  Special minded  People and  General minded  People.  Now, what is your mind  Special or General.

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