The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer

Introduction: Worlds has two minded peoples such as rich and poor.  Rich-minded Peoples are risk-takers, merit, patience, and do brain work. Other side Poor-minded peoples are lazy types, afraid,  and do hard work. Rich-minded people are dreamers, and they do change society, country, and world. But Poor minded people are not serious in their life. Society, Country, and the world are a long road, They can not want to change their life.

Rich-minded People: Rich-minded people do brain work. This brain work does hard work. Firstly this kind of people all time thinking for own and own family. This kind of people is not very interesting for outside people or outside problems. All-time they are trying increasing of skill. For this, they are reading books, magazines, newspapers every day. For this work, they spent time half an hour to one hour daily. They are collection business and investment news in country or world in always. All-time they are searching for new ideas for business. For business knowledge, this kind of peoples is traveling in foreign countries. They are going to a seminar and do a course to earn knowledge. Rich-minded people are always interested in business and investment. Because they know an only business can make money, the business can create jobs, the business can self depend on every person, a business can to you help reach of above. Rich-minded peoples are not dependent on income sources. Always they create many income sources.  This minded people are doing business. But some people starting time they do jobs for funding collection. They are learning business systems intake jobs. When they make funds and learn business they left jobs and start a business. Firstly they start business small size. This kind of people are brave and do brain work, They are patient.  Always they are thinking a long time. They are doing work without any time. They do hard work for achieving the goal. When they are profit from their business, this profit amount again investment. They are not interested in money-saving. This kind of peoples is investing in the share market, bond, mutual fund, real state, and various investment sectors. This kind of people is making various industries for production business. By this business, rich-minded peoples are earning a lot of money and create jobs. Many unemployed Peoples are getting jobs. This result comes money people on hand. The crime rate is down in society. Economics is running.   This kind of people make own money and another side they help the society and country. They are doing export-import business. This result this kind of peoples are connected foreign country peoples and earn business knowledge. They take risks in business and life. For this to take risks, they are successful in business. Rich-minded people are always taken care of their children and family. They always try to give world-class education to their children. They like the go-to travel of their family. Rich-minded people are not interested in retirement life. They are like always works.

Rich People

Poor-minded People: Poor-minded People are lazy types. They don’t take risks and they are not interested in the business. Always they are doing jobs and like 9 am to 5 pm duty. They do not want their own development. Al the time these kinds of people are interested in-game, music, politics, local problem, etc. Poor-minded people are doing hard work, but they are not like business and investment. This kind of peoples are thinking if any loss, so money left. They are interested in saving money for the long term.

Poor Peoples

Why the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer: Rich-minded peoples are thinking is different than Poor minded peoples. Rich-minded people are all-time thinking big and poor-minded people are thinking is small. Rich-minded people are known they will be target 100, so they get 50. So they thinking big. But if poor-minded peoples will be target 10, maximum time they could not get anything. Rich-minded people give to priorities to basic knowledge than certificate knowledge.  For this basic knowledge, they are doing more study. But Poor minded peoples give to priorities to certificate knowledge than basic knowledge. Here is a big problem. Poor-minded people cannot start new businesses or start-up for certificate knowledge. Poor-minded people have a big gap in basic knowledge. But for this basis, knowledge-rich-minded people see a big dream. They have a collection of knowledge is costing, money management, time management, sell and marketing, fund collection, worker requirement, land arrangement, machinery arrangement, etc. Rich-minded peoples are risk-takers but Poor minded peoples are afraid. For risk-takers rich minded peoples are anything start in easily. This kind of peoples is not thinking profit or loss. But Poor minded peoples are not starting anything for money loss. Rich-minded people are creating many income sources but poor-minded peoples depend on one income source. If any rich-minded peoples have 5 income sources and from every source monthly he gets 500$, So 5 source he gets 5x $500 =$2500. But poor minded have one income source, he gets monthly $500. Rich and poor income different is $2500-$500=$ 2000. On the other hand, Poor people are like a long time-saving plan and rich minded are like long time Investment plan. We know America saving interest rate is 1% but inflection is 2%. If any poor-minded peoples are saving $10000 in 5 years terms. So Every years he get $10000x 1% = $100 and 5 years he get $100x 5 = $500. Others side 2% inflection rate means saving amount =$10000  x 2% = $200 and after 5 years it will be $ 200×5 = $1000. After 5 years this $10000 actual value will be $10000-$1000=$9000. Poor people are losing their asset value. For this true knowledge, Rich minded people are not interested in saving plans. They are interested in long-term investment. If any rich people $10000 investment in share market.  After it will be $20000, or $50000 or more. It will depend on the share.  For these reasons, rich-minded peoples can value their assets but poor-minded peoples can not. Another side Rich minded peoples do brain works, This kind of peoples do work with money and Poor minded people do hard works, This kind of peoples do work for money. This is different. Rich-minded people are not honest. They do not pay their actual tax. But Poor minded people are honest. They do pay their actual tax. Rich-minded people are an investment from this stolen tax money for their own development. As result, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In the world, two kinds of peoples’ characters are different. Many times Poor minded people are not getting a good education, good food, living house, pure drinking water. Poor-minded people cannot compete with rich-minded people for a Capitalist economy. Most of the poor peoples are try of their lifestyle as like as rich-minded peoples. But they are not successful. Present time digital economy is creating a big difference between rich and poor. Various online ways rich mined people are making money in a home with easily. But Poor people can not do this.  

Solution: Poor minded peoples needs a good education, good food, living house, pure drinking water. They cannot arrange this for limited money. The government can solve this problem. The government can arrange to give some money to their bank account every month. The government can arrange free food, free education, and pure drinking water for Poor minded peoples. The government can arrange to make a home for poor-minded peoples at a low rate. The government can connect with some NGOs for Poor people’s counseling. They advise the poor peoples, Such as Investment, saving, education advantage, various income increasing source, money popper use, assets create, etc. Assets create is very important for poor minded peoples. Because  Peoples cannot be running the same ways in life. If peoples have assets, so they can enjoy a good lifestyle. The government can this thing to understood by counseling. Unfortunately, the Third world Government does not arrange this thing for poor people. Corruption is a big problem in this country.

Conclusion: If from a present time not stop of income differences between rich and poor. So rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer. This result creates indiscipline in society and country. Many people will be migrant from third world countries to first world countries.

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