Introduction:  Total Population in the world 4 billion Peoples are living in Town and balance peoples are living is a village.   In the United States total area, 97% of the land area is an urban area and 60 million peoples are living in this area. Other Peoples of the United state are living in urban areas. In the United state, 26.5 million Peoples are living in the top 10 cities.

City: City area means Metropolitan area. It is located high built-up–area. Its is living standard is costly than town area. Basically  Every country main office such as corporate head or branch office, commercial office, Government, Nongovernment, Private office, Newspaper or news chanal office, etc Present in city town. All cities in America or the world located in big areas. All advantages of People are available here. City area People get everything between in low area such as school, college, university, super shop,  Hospital, business center, stock exchange good communication, etc. City area everything cost or rent is very high and city area people pay high tax rate. Here house rent is high, vehicle rent is high, food is more expensive.  By Municipal government, the structure creates every “Metropolitan”. City area people pay metropolitan tax every year. Generally, rich people, Higher-income people are living in the city area.

Town: Towns area is smaller than a city and larger than a village. Town means peoples get advantage less than city and more than a village. Most of the middle-class people are living in the town area. Here everything facility is available Such as school, college, university, restaurant, hospital, Park, transport, water supply, electricity, etc. Low distance from town made industrial hub. As result, many people get jobs and earn money from there.

Most of the corporate head office is located in city area and industries are located a low distance from town. So town made the connection between in city and industries. Many entertainment places available here such as child park, cinema hall, park, etc. people go there for relaxing. In the United States, More than 80% of people are living in the Urban area means a town area.

Town and village different: Town and village are many different.  The Town area is big, but the village area is small. The population of the town is many but the village population is small. Most of the town people are depended on jobs or business. But village people are depending on farming and small business.  Town lifestyle is bounded and village lifestyle is open and free. Town has many infrastructures such as road, bridge, flyover, etc. village some infrastructure such as road. The town has a busy life and the village is a peaceful life.

Village: Village area is smaller than the Town area. Most of the people are doing farming, fishing, cattle farm, etc. Every agricultural food, fruit, crop, is produced from the village. Fresh milk, meat, egg, fruit everyday supply to the town from the village area every. Village people are small quantity and to know each to another. They are friendly. Here school, college, hospital, the park is not available in every village. Many times after some village gets to school, college. Again many time low distance village from the town they depend on the town for school, college, hospital.

Town Life

Advantage of Town life: Most of the people in the world for a living are like in Town. Town living people get easily to school, college, university, hospital, park, etc. People and their children do study in this institute.  People can treatment of this hospital. The transport system is good. People can anytime go to one place. Various companies in government or nongovernment and corporate and private company head or branch office location here. By this many jobs are created.  Many unemployed get jobs. People come money on hand. People have spent money and economic growth is running. Various types of people in town come to the city. Various types of people are various cultures. These mixed cultures people made friendship each and other. When a company or organizations launch any goods or others firstly town is open. The living of town has accommodation facility is cheap and affordable. Every town has a sewage facility.

The disadvantage of town life: Many people are living in town. Every day many people come to town for searching for jobs. When they are not getting jobs they are involved in crime. For this general people of the town are not walking on the town. Other side food, water, electricity rate is high in the town area. All the people in town are not possible to carry this. In-office hours in the peak time of town high number cars are out on road. For this create in traffic congestion.

All time town pollution is high level. For result it is break up  for living in peaceful people . Many time town sewage system is bed because over population. Town area land is expense so every people can not buy land for make a home.  On the other hand town people are selfish. They are not do thinking for another person. All time they are busy for own.

Advantages of Village life :

  1. People get always fresh fruits, pure milk, fresh vegetables when they are living in village. It is biggest benefit for living in village.
  2.  Every village size is small and the population is not enough so that  every people know to everybody and connector friendly relation.
  3.  Village life is peaceful and everything is nice, pure and natural.
  4. Village people are not follow duty time, working time and official time. All family member of village are work in the field.
  5. Village life is pollution free . Fresh air and green trees are available here.
  6. Village people are help each and others without any ego.
  7. Most  the Village  house is big size  and two and three family jointly live one home.
  8. Village people living is simple. Food price and living cost is less than town area. Village people are manage everything low price for their family.
  9. From save crime, heavy transport, air pollution to village life.

Disadvantage of village life :

  1. In the village is not present high standard school, college, university.
  2. In the village, the transport system is not good. Transport is not available all-time in the village. A low number of vehicles is present here.
  3.  Big disadvantage kids are like in town and are not like village life.
  4. In village life plumber, the electrician is not getting easier.
  5.  Business increasing is not an opportunity in village life. All element is absent for doing business in the village.
  6.  Electricity is not available in the village and all-time running of load shedding.
  7.  In the village is not a good hospital, near no police station and no fire brigade, no ambulance for emergency time.
  8.  Village people have not any permanent jobs, everybody does daily basis jobs.
  9.  There are no banking facilities, insurance facilities, loan facility are available here.
  10. For the low-income villages, peoples are avoid everything function.

Conclusion: Most of the countries people in the world are avoiding village life.  Town life is comfortable, fashionable, high living stand. All people are to want to follow this thing. All jobs source are available in the town area. So young people of the village come to town with the group. Village life is very hard. All people of the village depend on agriculture, fishing, cattle farming. By village support to food in the full country. Every day enough food, fruit, milk, meat, fish, etc go to the town area. Town area food support from the village. But New generation educated people are avoiding the agriculture work. They go to town with the group for a job. As a result, there are no get people for farming in the village. For this agriculture production such as food, crop, fruit, milk, meat, fish is low day by day. This reasons the food relative thing rate is high. If the government of the country is arranged many facilities in the village as like town. So people of the village avoid going to the town. For this made in school, college, hospital, road, transport, etc. Then more production in agriculture in village. Every class people get enough food at a cheap rate. Present life town and village two are very important.  So we will go with town and village jointly.

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