Why Poor minded People are not rich?

Introduction: Most people will put their money in the bank with safe investment. But few people will do business and invest their own money. One time these few people will make a small amount of money convert the big amount of money. In this time these few people do spend more money by open his hand. They spent money on his family,  They use the luxury car, a nice home, traveling to a foreign country. Another side most people stay their money in the bank, saving money value is less. In this few people are rich-minded people and most of the people are poor-minded people.

(1) Game:    Money earn is a big game. It is to know only rich-minded people. All-time these minded people apply more new rules to earn money. The side poor-minded people don’t know to money earn game.   Most of the poor-minded people are not want to learn money to earn the game. For this Poor minded people are not rich.

(2)Think: Rich-minded people are all-time thinking for earn money. They are reading more books and get more knowledge. By this earned knowledge, they make of idea for earn money. Every time these-minded people think is big Every day rich-minded people read in half an hour of book, magazine, newspaper. On the other hand, poor-minded people are on depend only one income source. Most of the poor people do small jobs. This kind of people thinking is limited. They are not thinking about their development.

Poor Minded People

(3)Value: Rich-minded people are to knew for everything value. These minded people are all-time study for this thing. For these rich-minded people, all time can say when which item rate will be valuable. Then they are investing there and get more profit. Rich-minded people apply many rules for any item valuable.  Such as America per litter liquid milk value is more than $1. Rich-minded people are mixed another thing this liquid milk and make chocolate or sweet. Then sell thing =$10 more. Total costing is $4 and sells $10, Net profit is $6. But poor minded are not know anything value and they are not want to know. They are work samples and do work get money. For this Poor minded people are not rich.

(4)Calculated risks: From starting time to now in the world, there are many things make and change by calculated risk. Without risk, it is not possible anything made or anything change in society, national or international. This risk work can do only rich-minded people.  For rich-minded people, our society system, lifestyle, economic position, development everything had changed and will be changed. But rich-minded people are all-time to take a calculated risk because many times risk can be lost.  The side poor-minded people are afraid of.  All-time they calculated profit or loss. At last, they are not at any risk. They’re taught to take risks will be tension. For this poor minded people do not want any risk. As a result, they are not changing their financial position and not give anything to social society and family.

Poor Minded People

(5)Work and money: Rich-minded people are doing work with money. This mind people are doing in low hard work and high brain work.  They believed the result. Because Result is money. For this rich minded people are using poor-minded people for their own money-making.

Poor-minded people are doing work for money. They do hard work for money. This kind of people is earning money for comparing with time. Because they believed that time is money.

(6) Various income sources: Rich-minded people are do made many more income source. They are not believed one income source.   More income source means more investment more profitable.  Onetime they are creative small money from big amount money. But poor-minded people are depended on income sources. They are doing a job or small work. Most of the poor-minded people are not to try one more income source.

(7)Invest: Rich-minded people are believed in investment. They know by the profitable investment they earn a lot of money. Most of the rich-minded people are businessmen. They are not believed in jobs. If they do the job, it is business learning. When they’re learning business and end of jobs and state business. This kind of people is not staying long time jobs. Most of the rich-minded people are investing in more sectors. They invest in the share market, bond, gold, mutual fund, real state. By this, they earn money and gain investment. For this rich minded people are getting the richest. A little amount of rich-minded people doing not work. They get assets from a family. On another side poor minded people are not believed in investment, they believed in saving.  This kind of people has believed Investment is a risk. It is an opportunity to lose. Saving money is no risk.

(8)Overspending: Rich-minded people avoid overspending.  Rich-minded people are spent money to their  are need. This mind people are  spent most of the money for investment. On the other hand most of the Poor people are do overspending. When they get salary, they  buy anything  and not thinking for spent . This kind of people are not  keep anything for tomorrow.

(9)Comfort zone : Rich minded people are not like stay in Comfort zone.     Because they are know Comfort zone is very risk. So rich minded people are not depend one income source. This minded people  are known one income source if give more money, it is broken any time. Then he will be risk. So all time this kind of people are make various income source. Poor minded people are all time depend  one income source with tension free life. This kind of people are not know it is very risk. Because their job  any time loss. This people   life will be risk.

(10)Focus : Rich minded people are focus in long term. when  this kind people are do any plan, in this time it will be long term planning. Then they get result. Because rich minded people are believed in result. Poor minded people are focus in short term. They are not like long term policy. They believed time is money.

At last, we see for this reason poor-minded people are not rich. If In this minded people change their mind, as like rich minded. So one-time Poor minded people will be rich. Then these Peoples Enjoy everything’s as like rich-minded peoples. They enjoy world-class living styles, houses, cars, education etc.

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